Tendre poison когда сняли

A rather youthful, sparkling spring/summer fragrance.
It has nothing (i said nothing) to do with its predecessor Poison (they are in fact totally different fragrances).
As someone below has noticed, Tendre Poison is very similar to Cabotine.

In fact this is what I always thought. a lot of white flowers upfront, Tuberose & jasmine with a hint tendre poison когда сняли citrus.
And this is why I loved it, being Cabotine one of my favourite summer frags and a long time companion (Still wear it these tendre poison когда сняли Poison is a little more vibrant than Cabotine (being the latter more "creamier" and with a higher staying power), but still a a fragrance for a yourg lady that wants to give a carefree, joyful but classy image of herself.

tendre poison когда сняли

Try the Body Lotion, it's even better. leaves a subtle trace of the perfume, when you don't want to make much of a "statement".

tendre poison когда сняли

I like it, and, even if it's clearly a perfume of the 90's, to me it's by far the most successsful Poison of the entire line (from a perfumery point of view, not a commercial point of view!).

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